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We have the opportunity to open our holiday club in a separate, solo purpose building. A building in Thorne just for our club, from where we can run all of the fun activities and trips, from 7am to 6pm, that our children have experienced over the previous years! The catch is that to secure our Holiday Club premises, we need our After School Club numbers to pick up. Without the After School club numbers we will not be able to offer our Holiday Club provision, ultimately if the Holiday Club can not open, our After School Club will not be sustainable and we will be left with no option, but to close Happy Days for good. Myself and Sue have put everything we have into the business, narrowly avoiding bankruptcy during our recent closure. This is our last push to make this work. We are taking a big risk and intend to drop our prices to ensure fair pricing for all schools. We hope that this move will enable us to hit our target of 27 children a day, in turn securing the future of the business and enabling us to open up the much needed Holiday Club provision, where children will be able to take ownership of their club completely, creating the social space they want.

March 29th 2019 is Introduce a Friend Day. 

Get 1 friend to register and attend our After School Club along with yourself on Friday March 29th and get your session free (or split it with your friend and get both sessions for half price).

After School Clubs prices will be reduced as of Monday April 1st 2019. Prices for After School Club will be from £4. Please check out our website and Facebook page for the full revised price lists and regular offers and competitions. If you need our Holiday Club please spread the word. We are so close to re opening it, but we need your help and support to make this happen.

Kind Regards
Martin, Sue 
and our Wonderful Staff 

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