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HAVE YOUR SAY > Happy Days is a brilliant place for children

My son has been attending Happy Days kids club since January 2012 when the other after-school club he had been attending in Stainforth closed down.

I have been amazed at the quality of care and interest in the individual children shown by all the staff that work there and the effort they put in to make the activities interesting for the children. The staff are enthusiastic about what they do and they do a marvellous job. My son Ewan has been involved with activities as diverse as drawing, reading, playing games with other children, making dens and playing football outside, learning about spring bulbs and chickens hatching. It's been a really good experience for him and helps him unwind from school. He really loves it here and talks a lot about the staff and the friends he has made there. Quite often he doesn't want to leave! We really need Happy Days to open as soon as it can.

It is a big relief for parents to know that their child is happy and well looked after especially in an area that really does not have much in the way of child care provision. This is the third after school club that Ewan has attended in 15 months that has closed down. There is nothing else in Stainforth, Thorne or Moorends. I have been looking into provision for next week on and of the 5 other listings within a 16 miles radius, 3 have the wrong number (perhaps also closed down?) and the other 2 have been contacted but there has been no answer. I also couldn't find any local child-minders and, having moved into the area within the last 2 years, do not have any local family or friends who can help even on a temporary basis. We are feeling very stuck and not sure what to do.

April 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa Bell

Thank you for you kind words Vanessa, they mean a lot to us. Have you checked on for more information on local childcare? They have a full up to date list of all registered childcare provisions.

April 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMartin