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HAVE YOUR SAY > We need this fabulous provision

Happy Days is the best childcare provider I have ever used. It is a place of safety, fun, education, it's local and community spirited. The staff are second to none, warm, considerate, family oriented and flexible in their approach to work. Happy Days is needed in Moorends, this service allows me to work full-time. As a single parent I need Happy Days to collect my two children from School and look after them until 5.30pm, which is when I get home. Without the fantastic service I would have to leave my job which would have devastating consequences. Bring this vital childcare back as soon as possible please!!!!!

Quote from my 2 children "it's fun, you get to play outside, you get nice snacks, food and lovely puddings".

Thank you guys,

Fingers crossed on Monday we can get things moving fast. We have the full support from Marshland & Early Years so fingers crossed we can re open before anyone has to quit their jobs.

April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMartin